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Founded by Greta Velgun, the young brand is focusing on linen as a main passion project. 

Sustainability being one of the hottest topics of recent times choosing natural fibres seems like a natural choice. To furtherly contribute to the rising global issues the brand is trying to be ethical choosing to employ people who find it hard to find work; by supporting handwork and traditions; by limiting the production waste; and by re-introducing the concept of clothing longevity to a consumer. 


Hand knitting and crochet can create truly unique garments that will stand out from the crowd. Linen, given the right cut can become playful and youthful. 

Linen is one of the most sustainable textiles known to man.

It is naturally eco friendly and toxin free material. It requires no pesticides for cultivation, and the basic production of fabric does not require chemicals. 

Linen fabric uses 20 times less water and energy than the production of cotton or other synthetic fabrics. It is biodegradable and recyclable. 

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